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It’s important to keep this week’s news in perspective. One reason markets are getting so much attention right now is because this has been the “worst-ever start of the year, ow China — China is real news. On Tues, China announced that its gross domestic product had grown 6.9 percent in 2015, which in line with the government’s target of “about 7 percent” growth, but still represented the country’s slowest growth in a quarter-century. that what we have get from stock market newsletterPessimists argue that China’s breakneck growth, at least in recent years, wasn’t just unsustainable — it was a mirage.

They say the government propped up the boom through massive overinvestment Everyone does agree that a slowdown in China was inevitable and that ’s report served as confirmation that it has begun. That’s bad news for the global economy, which has relied on China as its primary engine of growth since the Great Recession. If the optimists are right, China will no longer play that role, but it won’t necessarily turn into a drag on other world economies, either. If they’re wrong — well, the markets gave a disturbing preview of that scenario this week. Москва, Russian Federation.Москва-Russian Federation.htmlМосква-Russian Federation.html

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