Russian men pay for Apple iPhone XS with a bathtub full of coins

Paying for expensive things with the smallest denomination has been the most amusing gag for ages. In fact, when Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $539 million after losing a legal battle, fake news around the internet said that Samsung chose to make the payment in nickels. Despite the false nature of the story, the idea of paying such a large amount in coins does seem like a hilarious gag. Continuing the coin saga, a group of Russian men decided to buy an iPhone XS and pay for it using a bathtub full of coins, which weighed nearly 350 kilograms.

Svyatoslav Kovalenko, a Russian youth posted a video on his Instagram profile, showing him and his friends carrying a bathtub full of coins into a mall and to an Apple Store. The video shows all the difficulties faced by the gagster, including being stopped by the mall security. Eventually, the man made his way into an Apple store, where an employee patiently counted all the change and Kovalenko walked out with a brand-new iPhone XS.







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Легендарная #Ваннамелочи которую мы принесли #Restore Полный Ролик выйдет на Ютюб Канале: «Святослав Коваленко» Вес ванны ~350кг! Но мы смогли! #IphoneXs #купилайфон #мелочь #Apple #iphone #тцевропейский

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The 2018 iPhone XS starts at $999, setting a new price standard for the “Apple Premium.” Many attribute this shift in pricing to the slowing down of iPhone sales, the lost revenue for which is being made up by higher prices. This belief gained more ground when during the recent investor call, Tim Cook declared that Apple would no longer be sharing the number of units sold for any of their products and will instead, only share the revenue numbers. Either way, there’s no getting past the fact that the iPhone, which was already seen by many as a luxury item, is now farther from the reach of most people. DO you think you’ve got enough coins lying around the house to buy an iPhone XS? 

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